What Is Boho Jewelry? What It Is and How to Wear It

30th Aug 2023

What Is Boho Jewelry? What It Is and How to Wear It

As a clothing and jewelry store that has been in business now for well over a decade, we’ve always been big fans of boho jewelry.

Really, just about all things bohemian.

But as the boho look has increased in popularity over recent years, we’ve found that the jewelry we sell has become some of our best sellers. Bohemian necklaces, earrings, and other accessories are fun, informal, and affordable considering how many looks they can go with.

So, if you’re looking to adopt “boho chic” into your own personal sense of style, here’s a helpful guide on all things bohemian jewelry.

What Does “Boho” Mean? A Quick Definition…

As the very embodiment of individualism, the Bohemian spirit is often found in the realms of creativity—artists, poets, and performers—who boldly defy societal conventions.

In this way, boho isn’t merely a lifestyle. Rather, it encompasses a worldly philosophy, a political stance, and a resolute form of rebellion. This essence revolves around transience, fostering one's uniqueness, nurturing creativity, and unapologetic self-expression.

While media references have slightly shifted the spotlight onto fashion, interior aesthetics, and personal flair in recent years, the term "boho" still retains its roots.

It extends beyond the surface to become an intrinsic part of your living space, adorning your locks, or even celebrating matrimony with a bohemian-inspired wedding.

The resonances of independent thinking, unbounded imagination, and a nomadic spirit persist, now harmonizing with a contemporary touch of ethnic authenticity and sustainability.

What Is Boho Jewelry?

Likewise, bohemian jewelry embodies a spirited freedom, drawing its essence from the earth and nature's embrace. This artistry often entails the playful stacking of rings and bangles, the graceful draping of layered necklaces, and the allure of stud earrings or elongated drops.

The focus resides in wearability, employing organic materials and earth-toned hues. Intricate designs, such as etched feathers, creatures of the wild, or botanical wonders, find their place.

Within this aesthetic tapestry, there exists a dance of contrasts – a symphony of bold statements. Metals meld in a medley, where gold and silver may stand alone or intertwine, while the robust tribal cuffs and chokers exude magnificence with their kaleidoscope of gemstones, ceramic treasures, and other nature-derived elements.

Boho jewelry intertwines with the very fabric of the natural world and resonates with those who cherish wanderlust. Thus, anklets, belly chains, and ear cuffs become natural extensions of the ensemble, enhancing its allure.

These purple semi-precious earrings are a good example of how you can mix stylish earrings into your bohemian look.

The Bohemian style, a beacon of "alternative" fashion for two centuries, boasts an illustrious journey. Its genesis traces back to post-revolutionary France, where the collapse of the traditional patronage system left many artists in destitution. These visionaries embraced a nomadic existence, celebrating simplicity, and forging new avenues of artistic expression.

From this crucible emerged a novel cult of personality among European artists. They shattered the confines of convention, paving the way for boundless creation, innovation, and an unconventional wardrobe. Drawing parallels between these wandering creatives and Gypsies, observers likened their lifestyles and sartorial choices. The term "Bohemian" was thus christened, erroneously connected to Eastern European and Balkan roots.

As a countercultural fashion phenomenon, Boho jewelry has navigated the tides of time with its ebb and flow, steadfastly remaining within the cultural tapestry.

In recent times, spurred by the resurgence of the millennial generation, the allure of bohemian jewelry is experiencing a vibrant revival, once again commanding the spotlight.

12 Tips for Wearing Bohemian Jewelry

"I feel the same way about jewelry as I do food. I want it all." – Elizabeth Taylor

Just as the Boho fashion movement defies conventional norms, Boho jewelry invites you to explore endless possibilities. From intricate rings to statement necklaces, every piece tells a story of unbridled creativity. This guide will unveil the art of adorning yourself with Bohemian jewelry, helping you channel your inner wanderer while celebrating the allure of natural materials and vibrant designs.

While the Boho style thrives on individuality, some common threads unite the tapestry of Bohemian fashion and jewelry. So, embrace the allure of Boho jewelry with these insightful tips and inspirations:

1. Diverse Rings with a Twist: Explore semi-precious gemstones and raw materials for a rustic touch. Look for unconventional shapes and textures that resonate with nature's essence.

2. Expressive Bracelets for Stacking and Storytelling: Enjoy the freedom to layer multiple bracelets, from delicate strands to bold cuffs. Incorporate handwoven friendship bracelets for a touch of authenticity.

3. Use Necklaces for Statement Pieces: Craft your own narrative with diverse materials, including leather, beads, and semi-precious gems. Experiment with pendant styles, from boho-chic feathers to earthy symbols.

4. Go Big with Earrings: Infuse your style with oversized earrings boasting intricate designs, adding a splash of vibrant color. Celebrate ethnic influences with statement pieces that echo the world's rich cultures. Try out all kinds of  earring backs, too, for all kinds of unique looks (i.e., leverback earrings are very popular these days).

These purple pearl earrings are a great option for those who want to try the leverback style.

5. Don’t Forget About Headpieces: Explore head jewelry chains, halos, or tiaras inspired by flora and fauna. Opt for flowery and earthy motifs, reflecting the natural world's boundless beauty.

6. Vivid Color Fusion: Mix and match bright colors in daring combinations that defy convention.

7. Uninhibited Attire: Adopt flowing, loose-fitting clothing as a hallmark of Boho style.

8. Elegance in Scarves: Elevate your look with scarves, whether wrapped around your hat, bag, or arm.

9. Artisanal Jewelry: Discover unique, handcrafted pieces like oversized earrings and earth-toned rings.  Vintage and estate jewelry are both great for this type of boho look.

10. Bold Accessories: Go with oversized handbags and boots that mirror Boho's non-conformist ethos and will match the boldness of your jewelry choices.

11. Straps, Straps, and More Straps: Play with straps in hair accessories, sandals, and bands for a distinctive edge.

12. The Freedom to Flourish: And finally, always remember that there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to wearing bohemian jewelry. Whether you opt for a single pendant or don a tapestry of layered jewelry, the Boho aesthetic empowers you to be your authentic self.

Celebrate the Bohemian spirit by embracing the free-spirited beauty that resonates with your soul, and let your jewelry tell a story as unique as you are. The Boho style is an invitation to explore, express, and embark on a journey of self-discovery through the art of adorning yourself with nature's finest treasures.

The 4 Types of Boho Jewelery Brands

The world of boho style jewelry is a captivating tapestry, spanning from fashion-forward high street creations to opulent designs by luxury artisans.

These diverse jewelry brands craft their unique narratives, each category offering its distinct essence that resonates with the Bohemian spirit.

Here are the four main types of bohemian fashion brands making this unique type of jewelry.

1. “High Street” Jewelry Brands

In the bustling realm of UK high streets, a multitude of affordable boho jewelry glistens. This trend-driven domain thrives on cheap prices and accessible metals, delivering engraved gold or silver-plated rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Manifesting iconography, graphics, and shapes in vogue, these pieces effortlessly channel whatever captures the zeitgeist. As the festival season heralds summer, boho style often reigns supreme. These high street havens provide an affordable avenue for seasonal adornment.

2. Luxury Jewelry Brands

Luxury jewelry designers ascend to unparalleled heights, weaving tales with the finest precious metals and exquisite gemstones. These visionary artists toil within their personal ateliers, artfully merging crystals, ceramics, and even animal-derived materials. The investment in these bespoke creations surpasses the norm, bestowing an elevated resonance on the wearer.

3. Small, Independent Jewelry Brands

In a world where individuality reigns supreme, independent brands emerge as luminous stars. These mavericks curate jewelry pieces, often designed and handcrafted by the creators or crafted through the skilled hands of foreign silversmiths and goldsmiths. Unfettered by mass production, these artisanal treasures draw inspiration from sustainability, global exploration, and the raw beauty of natural elements. This devotion to craftsmanship imbues each piece with a distinctive allure, while the usage of premium metals like 925 sterling silver adds a touch of enduring elegance.

4. Wholesale Jewelry Brands

On another spectrum, UK's jewelry wholesalers navigate the realm of bulk boho-inspired opulence. They glean substantial discounts through large-scale acquisitions directly from manufacturers, often importing these treasures from far-flung locales like India. Their collections gleam with statement pieces—oversized rings, resplendent necklaces adorned with gemstones, beads, and precious metals. While the price point scales higher, the allure of wholesale glamour remains unparalleled.

Can You Wear Bohemian Jewelry with Other Styles of Clothing?


As we’ve pointed out several times now, bohemian jewelry possesses a remarkable versatility that harmonizes seamlessly with a myriad of clothing styles. Its innate free-spirited and eclectic essence enables it to transcend fashion boundaries and complement various aesthetics.

Pairing bohemian jewelry with classic attire adds a touch of whimsy and individuality, infusing timeless pieces with a fresh vibrancy. A delicate beaded necklace or a stack of boho-inspired bracelets can effortlessly elevate a monochrome ensemble, imbuing it with a hint of boho charm.

For those of you who prefer a modern and minimalist wardrobe, Bohemian jewelry injects character and warmth. The juxtaposition of clean lines with the organic textures of boho accessories creates a captivating contrast, resulting in a captivating ensemble that celebrates both worlds.

Athleisure enthusiasts need not shy away from Bohemian adornments, either. A simple pair of boho-inspired earrings or an understated bracelet can infuse athleisure wear with a sense of grace and elegance, elevating the comfort-driven style into an artistic statement.

Boho jewelry also finds a comfortable home within the realm of casual chic. When paired with denim, tees, and relaxed  blouses, these accessories exude an effortlessly chic allure, showcasing the wearer's creativity and embracing a carefree spirit.

In essence, Bohemian jewelry is not confined by sartorial boundaries; rather, it thrives on mingling with various styles. Its innate ability to adapt and enhance makes it a valuable asset in any fashion aficionado's repertoire, effortlessly adding depth and character to diverse outfits while preserving its distinct boho allure.

Get Started Adding Bohemian Jewelry to Your Current Wardrobe

Well, now you’re an expert in all things bohemian jewelry.

The next step is adding some of these wonderful accouterments to your wardrobe.

Get started by checking our fantastic collection of boho earrings, clothing, and selection of accessories. And come back often as we continue to update our inventory with more options from some really amazing designers.