What Are Leverback Earrings? (And Why You Need a Pair)

10th Jul 2023

Leverback earrings with a stand out for one very obvious reason: unlike traditional earrings with simple backings holding them in place, leverback earrings stay put thanks to a “leverback” hinged mechanism that locks their clasp in place.

Pretty cool, right?

But that’s hardly the only reason these fun earrings are so popular.

So, if you’re interested in this unique type of jewelry, let’s dive into our comprehensive guide.

What Are Leverback Earrings?

As we just touched on, leverback earrings feature a unique and secure closure mechanism.

Instead of a standard post or hook, these earrings feature a distinct hook-shaped closure that passes through the pierced ear. The hook then clasps the other end at the back, ensuring a tight and reliable hold.

This style of earring, named for this very specific type of closure, provides a wide range of design options to wearers of every fashion sense. You can find captivating combinations of dangle earrings with leverback closures or hooks paired with leverback designs. Leverback earrings are sometimes available in drop earring styles, as well, further expanding the multitude of choices available.

The mechanism on these aptly-named earrings serves to provide a snug – but definitely not uncomfortable – fit.

And with leverback earrings, you can still explore a plethora of designs. From traditional gold and silver earrings to those adorned with diamonds and other various gemstones, the options are endless. That said, the simple loop earring design tends to be less popular – though not impossible to find. Most versions of these earrings feature some kind of jewel or gem.

Leverback Earrings Are Nothing New

You may be surprised to learn that the leverback design is far from new.

A lot of ear jewelry dating back to ancient Greece showcase designs remarkably similar to the modern leverback structure. When a design has endured the test of time and transcended ancient eras, you can be certain of its exceptional quality and appeal.

The late 19 th century also saw a revival of this practical design throughout Europe before it eventually made its way over the Atlantic to adorn the ears of women throughout the Americas.

This is why many women who love traditional jewelry opt for leverback options, even if they’re not authentic antique earrings.

So, if you enjoy indulging in a sense of nostalgia, connect with wearers of bygone eras by throwing on a pair of these beautiful earrings.

9 Reasons to Love Leverback Earrings

Regardless of the type of ear jewelry you choose, opting for a leverback closure offers numerous advantages.

1. Peace of Mind Knowing Your Earrings Will Stay in Place

The secure and reliable fastening mechanism ensures peace of mind, allowing you to confidently wear your favorite earrings without worrying about them coming loose. This eliminates the need for constant checking and provides increased peace of mind, even when wearing valuable jewelry.

2. The Perfect Earrings for Any Activity

For the same reason, this particular style of ear jewelry has the potential to become a permanent adornment for the wearer. Unlike many types of ear jewelry that are prone to slipping off during activities like swimming, playing sports, or working out at the gym, leverback jewelry is specifically designed to stay securely in place regardless of the circumstances.

In fact, many women choose to keep their leverback ear jewelry on even during sleep or while showering.

As a result, athletes, regular exercisers, and other women will active lifestyles tend to favor these earrings.

What's more, leverback jewelry is crafted with comfort in mind, eliminating the need to remove it while engaging in such endeavors. In fact, most wearers will hardly even notice that they are still adorned with jewelry, as it provides a seamless and unobtrusive experience.

3. More Room for Dazzling Designs

Another popular and versatile earring style is the classic stud earring.

These earrings typically consist of a single jewel or affixed design with no loop or other features extending around the ear lobe.

Stud earrings can certainly be charming, but their design options are somewhat limited. For the most part, all you can appreciate is the adornment on the top of the post.

On the other hand, leverback earrings offer an abundance of creative possibilities. Their leverback design allows for additional decorative elements that can extend all the way up to the top of the hook, resulting in increased sparkle and beauty.

4. Countless Options for All Senses of Style

Leverback jewelry offers a delightful range of designs and styles to suit any taste.

Whether your personal style leans more toward the elegant, something a bit modern, or even bohemian, you’ll have no problem finding plenty of leverback pieces that fit your ensemble perfectly.

If you already own a standard pair of earrings that you adore, many jewelers offer the convenience of converting them into leverback style upon request.

The versatility of leverback jewelry allows for effortless pairing with any outfit, making it suitable for various occasions. Whether you're dressing up or down, these earrings can effortlessly elevate your look. If you're on the hunt for a thoughtful gift, leverback earrings should definitely be on your radar. And if you're a jewelry enthusiast yet to experience the comfort and style of leverback earrings, there's no better time than now to explore the options. Treat yourself to a pair, and your ears will undoubtedly thank you for the upgrade.

5. These Are the Best Earrings for Making a Statement

When it comes to making a style statement and capturing attention, these earrings are ideal. They truly have the power to transform your overall look and create an alluring and attractive appearance.

Because of how they hang off your ears, these earrings will draw eyes towards your neck, elongating and accentuating it, while also helping to put a spotlight on your outfit and jewelry.

The graceful dangle of these earrings adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, whether it's a casual ensemble or a formal attire. As they sway gently with your every movement, these earrings command attention and make a statement without overwhelming your overall style.

6. The Most Comfortable Earring Option

Traditional ear jewelry often falls short in terms of comfort, but that's one area where leverback-style jewelry REALLY shines.

Unlike other versions, leverback earrings prioritize the wearer’s comfort by eliminating sharp components or even direct contact with the skin. The standard stud earring or other conventional styles usually have a pointed back that can uncomfortably press against your neck or the area behind your ear.

You’ve probably experienced how irritating that can be firsthand.

However, with a leverback design, any pointed edges meet the other end of the closure, preventing direct contact with your skin. This thoughtful feature ensures a more pleasant wearing experience.

This is why leverback earrings are a fantastic choice for young children or any individuals who have sensitive skin.

It’s also why many women find they sometimes fall asleep with their earrings in without even noticing because they’re so uncomfortable, it’s easy to forget they’re there.

7. No More Snagging Your Clothes or Tangling Your Hair

Say goodbye to frustrating clothing and hair snags with leverback earrings.

Unlike standard earrings, leverback designs eliminate the risk of entanglement and damage. Enjoy hassle-free dressing as you confidently put on or remove your earrings without worrying about snagging on your clothes. These earrings offer a comfortable and worry-free experience, reducing the chances of earlobe tearing and other issues. Embrace effortless elegance knowing that leverback earrings not only enhance your appearance but also protect your clothing and ensure a seamless style. Experience the convenience of tangle-free jewelry with leverback earrings.

8. And Your Ears Will Be Safer, Too

You’ve probably experienced the joys of having your earrings pulled or getting stuck.

Again, those days will be over when you switch to leverback earrings.

But it’s not just about saving your clothes and hair.

It’s about protecting your earlobes, too.

Snagging your earrings on clothes or hair is an unpleasant and sometimes scary experience, but it can literally tear your earlobe, too.

With the secure design of leverback earrings, you won’t have to worry about painful mishaps anymore. You can confidently adorn your ears, knowing that you're choosing a style that prioritizes both comfort and style.

9. Leverback Earrings Are High-Quality Jewelry

Because of the process required to design and create most leverback earrings, they tend to be of higher quality than typical alternatives. Their inherent design requires a sturdy backing that securely connects to the earring.

While not every piece may incorporate genuine gemstones, you can’t create these earrings without putting a decent amount of thought and care into the final result.

As a result, nearly all leverback ear jewelry exhibits superior construction and durability compared to alternative earring choices.

This is also why leverback earrings are often favored by smaller jewelers and independent designers – those that take great pride in creating high-quality items for their customers.

Purple leverback earrings

3 Leverback Earring Alternatives That Are Very Similar

If you want to enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes from wearing leverback earrings, but don’t love the design for some reason, don’t worry.

There are three similar options that still offer many of the same benefits.

1. French Hook Earrings

French hook earrings, also known as French wire earrings or simply hook earrings, have a distinctive hook-shaped design. They are named after their resemblance to the traditional French shepherd's hook and are renowned for their elegant and versatile appeal, offering a graceful and dangling aesthetic.

Their curved hooks pass through the pierced earlobe, allowing the earring to hang freely. The open loop design of French hook earrings usually supports embellishments and decorations in the same way a leverback earring does.

Though they’re not going to be as secure as the leverback version – they don’t have a hinge to close the loop – they still tend to stay in place better than studs because of their unique French hook shape.

2. Shepherd's Hook Earrings

French hook earrings and shepherd’s hook earrings are often used interchangeably and share similarities in their design. However, there can be slight differences between the two styles, depending on how they are defined.

Shepherd's hook earrings typically have a simpler and more minimalistic design, with a single wire forming a hook shape. This is why shepherd’s hook earrings are typically associated with a more rustic or traditional style, while the former often encompasses a broader range of designs, including both intricate and minimalist variations.

3. Euro Wire Earrings

Euro wire earrings are a variation of leverback earrings that are extremely similar.

The main difference lies in the closure mechanism.

While Euro wire earrings typically have a closed loop or a small loop at the end of the wire, leverback earrings have that hinged lever that clasps and secures the earring at the back.

In terms of appearance, Euro wire earrings often have a sleek and minimalist design. The focus tends to primarily be on the curved wire and any embellishments attached to it.

On the other hand, leverback earrings tend to have a more distinct and visible closure mechanism because of their hinges.

Looking for Leverback Earrings?

As we mentioned earlier, many independent jewelers and designers love creating leverback earrings.

That’s why you’ll find some absolutely beautiful, handmade options in our inventory.

Some of the most popular leverback earrings we carry include:

And if you have any questions about these items or any of the other clothing items in our inventory, feel free to contact us !